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We have nothing but praise and admiration for the way that Brad, Alex and the Team work with our complex young people.

We have sent students to Circles Farm right from the beginning and have watched it grow from a piece of land to the farm project that it is today.

All of our students who attend the farm talk about it while they are in the centre and even encourage other students to include it in their work related learning programme. The attendance at the farm with students who in the past have been non-attenders is excellent; even in this very cold weather – this speaks for itself.

The farm offer young people the ability to work in an environment totally out of their comfort zone. Some of our students have never seen animals in that set up before; were even frightened to go near them on their initial visit and are now happy working in close proximity to them.

The diverse projects that the farm offers are immense, young people come up with ideas and the staff are happy to try them out. One student found some blackberries in the hedgerow and within no time they were turned into amazing jars of jam!! An activity that our young people would never normally experience.

From the simplest of things to the large projects, the farm considers the needs and feelings of all the young people. They deal with issues in a very professional way, have systems in place to ensure the safeguarding of students, offer a recognised qualification in Skills for Working Life and support and encourage the young people to have a bright future.

Myself and the staff at CSS Jupiter Centre Hadleigh would like to take this opportunity to publically thank all the team at Circles Farm for their dedication to our future generations.
Posted By: Anne Burdis and Staff
CSS Jupiter Centre Hadleigh
My personal experience of circles farm is that it is a very supportive environment and one where young people are encouraged to explore their potential and also one in which specific individual needs are understood and taken into account.Brad and Alex are always on hand to offer advice and help with easy access to tracking and monitoring of pupils attendance.

Thank you
Posted By: Lesley Wilcocks
William De Ferrers School
Hi Brad and AlexThank you for working with all our pupils who present varied and challenging behaviour on a daily basis.

You report attendance daily, submit incident reports quickly, always answer calls and respond to e-mails and are always welcoming when I visit. You keep confidential information and report any concerns.

You have also made a visit to CSS to meet with staff.

Circles Farm does not tolerate bullying.

You always put their needs first and have in the past gone beyond your hours. I can think of one incident when a taxi did not arrive and you went out of your way to take the pupil home later in the afternoon.

Only yesterday a pupil asked if I could send her for a third day as she loves being on the farm and I know her behaviour and commitment to work is very good.

You also took on a new pupil this week and she also reported that she had a fantastic first day and was full of enthusiasm to return. We have had attendance issues with this pupil, so hopefully now a solution.

On my last visit I noticed that pupils were taking more responsibility for the work in their folders and presentation had improved.
Posted By: Jane Overington
CSS Heybridge
Dear Alex

We would like to express our thanks to you for participating in the Brentwood Primary Schools Careers Experience. It was the third such event and feedback would suggest that it has been the most successful to date. We would like to acknowledge your contribution to making that success possible.

The activity you organised was greatly appreciated by the year 6 pupils and their staff who were aware of all the preparation work that had gone into the bird boxes. They were thrilled to take home something so sophisticated. The objective is to give an insight into the world of work by letting pupils discover skills, aptitudes and interests. You hit the nail on the head, if you pardon the pun! There were a lot of smiling faces.

We have already been awarded the funding to repeat the event next year and would be delighted if you would agree to work with us again. I am also proposing that we set up something along the same lines for a secondary age group which I know you work with. It could be a way of introducing schools to your services.

Many thanks, again for your much valued input into our event.
Posted By: Beverley Swan
The Brentwood Learning Partnership

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