Health & Safety

We are well aware that a farm, workshop or salon in its very nature can be a potentially dangerous place to work and learn. For this reason we take health and safety very seriously to the extent that we have contracted an outside organisation to help us deal with this important issue.

We invited The National Farms Union to come down to the farm and complete a full Health and Safety Advice Manual and Risk Assessment. The NFU offer different levels of service but to show how committed we are to providing a safe learning environment we opted at considerable expense to subscribe to their Gold assessment which is the most in-depth survey available.

We also have a qualified risk assessor on staff to ensure any new projects we undertake are as safe as possible.

We hold both public liability insurance and employers insurance with the NFU.

Health and Safety

Essex Safegaurd


Our staff have received a minimum of Group 3 Level 2 Safeguarding Training provided by the ESCB and implemented by Catch 22.


Providing training for child and adult services in positive behavioural strategies, designed to reduce anxiety, risk and restraint. For more information, see links: "Keypoints About Training" and "Training Options".

To enhance quality teaching, effective learning and personalised caring, by increasing staff confidence and competence, whilst promoting and protecting positive relationships.

Team - Teach training has received the highest level of award in the U.K - a National Training Award - This government supported award is presented to entries who have demonstrated exceptional achievement through training and development. Judges were impressed by the support infrastructure and the robust quality control and assurance processes. They observed that it was a clearly needed service and its innovative approaches have delivered significant benefits to schools/services and local authorities/employers.


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First Aid Training

All of our staff have undertaken the Emergency First Aid at Work Course.

When working around the farm some work groups can sometimes be in quite remote areas and so we ensure we always carry with each working group a full safety kit.

This includes; First aid kit, Fire blanket, Means of contact (either a 2way radio or mobile phone)

A big thank you to A.I.D Training & Operations for donating and maintaining the Circles Farm First Aid Kits.

"We used A.I.D for our First Aid training, our instructor Pauline was great. The day was informative, fun and tailored towards our farm and business environment." Alex Stone, Director

Safer Food Handling

A big thank you to The Safer Food Group for lots of extra help and a great discount on our Level 2 Food Saftey in Catering Certificates.