Our team re-engage people in learning, primarily focusing on building self-esteem and confidence through vocational training and team work. We are a not-for-profit organisation and are entirely self-funded. We offer the space and freedom to participate in real life projects, helping individuals to take ownership of their own learning development. We entrust our learners with a lot of responsibility allowing them to understand and appreciate acceptable behaviour.

Tailored Learning & Social Development Through a range of ‘hands on’ and largely outdoor activities, learners benefit from the development of life skills including; animal & equine welfare, horticulture, personal presentation, the environment, retail, catering, building, craft and trade skills.
The aim of Circles is to encourage and enable learners to develop a variety of life skills. Time spent at Circles is devised to be as rich and varied as is possible, more specifically, we aim to encourage hard work, to face up to the challenge, to think independently, accept responsibility, take pride in achievement, and to develop wider skills and interests.

One to one tutoring and our low learner to teacher ratio ensures that every student is able to pursue an individually tailored education. Our students fulfil their potential, giving them better chances in life by supporting them in their development into responsible adults and opening up opportunities for future employment. Our programme can be tailored from 1-5 days per week and students can enrol at any point during the academic year.

Risk Assessments, Policies & Insurance We hold both public liability insurance and employers insurance with the NFU and Hiscox. Please ask for copies of our policies or risk assessments.